BYRELAX'S PLAN FOR PERFECT FEET. Discover the Byrelax plan

Step 1. Clean and exfoliate.

Step 2. Moisturise. Odour control.

Step 3. Complete the treatment.

Clean and exfoliate at least once a week with Byrelax Exfoliating Cream to eliminate hard, scaly skin naturally.

When skin is clean and exfoliated, begin the deep moisturising treatment for each part of your feet:

– Byrelax Express Heel Creamt to repair and soften cracked heels in 3 days.
– Byrelax Complet Cream to moisturise and protect feet. Use daily.

Exfoliate once or twice a week and moisturise your feet every day to keep your feet in tiptop condition.

For the specific care of foot odour, Byrelax Deodorant Forte in cream or spray. For clean, fresh feet, Byrelax Comfort Spray


Can feet be kept dry and fresh smelling?

Yes, with Byrelax Feet Forte. Its anti-perspirant technology with micro-talc regulates excess perspiration and keeps feet dry and fresh. It also eliminates and prevents foot odour while other products only mask it.


Do you suffer from tired, burning, bad-smelling feet? Would you like them to be clean and fresh?

With Byrelax Feet Comfort, you’ll tone your feet and keep them smelling fresh. Its formula with fresh citrus makes feet feel pleasantly fresh. It contains deodorising agents that combat the bacteria that cause bad smells without drying out skin.


Do you want immediate relief for your legs? Do your legs feel tired?

With Byrelax Refreshing Gel, you’ll activate microcirculation, relaxing and toning legs and feet. Its formula with grape seed extract revitalises your legs and quickly provides long-lasting hydration.


Are your feet dry and rough?  Do you want pampered, protected feet? 

Byrelax Feet Complet is the daily care cream for you. Its formula with lactic acid, one of the skin’s natural hydrating agents, helps moisturise your feet. It also includes active deodorising ingredients that let your skin breathe naturally and keep them smelling fresh.


Are your heels cracked?

Byrelax Express Heel Creamhigh concentration of urea complex will deeply moisturise your feet and remove hard patches and cracks caused by very dry skin.