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Product quality is one of the mainstays of our company. So we attach great importance to manufacturing products with the highest quality, always ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and other applicable regulations in every activity carried out at Laboratorios Byly S.A. Below are several certifications held by Laboratorios Byly S.A.

  1. ISO 22716 (Guide to Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products)

Laboratorios Byly S.A. is certified by ISO 22716 “Guide to Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Products”. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a set of rules and procedures to be followed in the industry to ensure that products are manufactured consistently and according to particular quality standards.

Control of the manufacturing and packaging process

2. Meeting the 5 “M”

These are the factors considered in the GMPCP for outstanding quality:

  • Men
  • Mediums
  • Machines
  • Methods
  • Materials

3. Continuous improvement (PDCA cycle)

The PDCA cycle is the most widely used means for implementing a continuous improvement system. The name of the PDCA cycle comes from Plan, Do, Check and Act. This method sets out the four essential steps to be taken systematically to achieve continuous improvement. The Deming circle is made up of 4 cyclical steps:

4. Natural and organic cosmetics: ISO 16128

The importance of ISO 16128 for natural cosmetics.  ISO 16128is the ‘Guidelines on technical definitions and criteria for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients’, which has been presented by a working group led by a Spanish business association in the industry, the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (Stanpa).

5. Regulation 1223/2009

In terms of cosmetics safety, it is essential to comply with Regulation 1223/2009, while compliance with ISO 16128 is voluntary. Here at GTF we encourage all manufacturers to tailor their products to the recommendations made by both, although what determines whether or not a cosmetic can be sold in the market is always compliance with the Regulation.

6. SMETA certified

 We are members of Sedex and have SMETA 4 pillars certification: SMETA means Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit and is an audit used by Sedexmember brands and retailers. Sedex is an online platform that allows companies to store and view data on ethical and responsible business practices.