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Product quality is one of the pillars of our company. To this end, great emphasis is placed on manufacturing products with the highest quality, always guaranteeing compliance with all legal requirements and other applicable regulations in each and every one of the activities carried out at Laboratorios Byly S.A. The following are some of the certifications that Laboratorios Byly S.A. has.

ISO 22716

Good Manufacturing Practices Guide for Cosmetic Products

Laboratorios Byly S.A. is certified in ISO 22716 “Good Manufacturing Practices Guide for Cosmetic Products”.

Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) is a set of standards and procedures to be followed in the industry to ensure that products are manufactured consistently and according to certain quality standards.

The 5 M’s

The factors considered in the BPPCs for good quality:

  • Men (Human Resources)
  • Mediums (Local)
  • Machines (Equipment and tooling)
  • Methods
  • Materials

PDCA Cycle

Continuous improvement

The PDCA Cycle is the most widely used system for implementing a continuous improvement system. The name PDCA Cycle (or PHVA Cycle) comes from the acronym Plan, Do, Check and Act . This methodology describes the four essential steps that must be carried out systematically to achieve continuous improvement.

ISO 16128

Natural and organic cosmetics.

The importance of ISO 16128 for natural cosmetics.
ISO 16.128, the ‘Guide to technical definitions for natural and organic ingredients and products’, has been presented by a working group led by a Spanish industry association, the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (Stanpa).

Regulation 1223/2009

Good Manufacturing Practices Guide for Cosmetic Products

It should be noted that with respect to cosmetics safety, compliance with Regulation 1223/2009 is mandatory, while compliance with ISO is voluntary. From GTF, we encourage all manufacturers to adapt their products to the recommendations of both, we must be aware that what determines whether or not a cosmetic can be sold on the market is always compliance with the Regulation.

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